Story time

In 2009, we began working in a small office in Athens, Ohio. Today, we work in small offices around the globe. Not that exciting of a story, huh? We've found that our sweetest spot and favorite projects have been with smaller teams. Growth is great for startups and the stock market, but growth has it's downside.

In a world of choice and high-class problems. We are okay not being the biggest, fastest, most expensive or cheapest. Instead, we are just another company you haven't heard of, with a team of individuals you don't follow, who chose each other over the alternatives. We aren't building and selling software, we're building a lifetime of moments, memories, & stories, and we are proud of that.

Articles too small or numerous to be specified

We're excited to launch the new portal in June 2017. "The cobbler’s children have no shoes" has been a saying we've used in the past. While we rebrand and enhance our own marketing & operations systems for a change, we are still happily designing, developing, and deploying web and mobile projects for our customers.

Don't be shy

We'll provide a quick, rough, estimate and discuss if we are a match to move forward.


Columbus, Ohio, USA